Animal Success Stories
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Hershey now known as Sandy hanging out with her siblings.


Huey looks like he is enjoying all of his new toys at his new house. Congrats Huey on landing a great home!


Blitz is loving on his new family. We think they love him just as much!


Claire's family sent us an updated picture of her. She sure seems to be living the "ruff" life these days! Thanks for sending the pictures, we love seeing our children in their new homes.

Annie Belle

This a letter that we received from Annie Belle's new mom.

Hi Jane – Hope that you are having a good weekend. Just want to let you know that Annie Belle – now Liza – and I arrived home this morning. You certainly did a beautiful job of caring for her. She’s clean, well nourished, and looking for fun. She has puppy energy, but walks on a loose lead fairly well, & is starting to respond to her name consistently. She also tries to look cute when I say “no.” Right now, she’s working her way through our box of dog toys after having taken a nap in my grandson’s bed.

 Please extend my thanks to everyone who works with your group. I know how much time and skill and caring are required to place these lucky dogs in new homes. You are doing great work, and Liza and I thank you deeply.

 Best Wishes in all you do!



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